Bishop’s Attendance Report

Bishop's Attendance Report

We are required to submit attendance information monthly to our conference. If your group has a predictable attendance, please fill out an average attendance figure, AND you only need to fill this out once annually. If your group attendance varies significantly, we will need you to fill this out each time your group meets. These figures are then grouped and transformed into a monthly report by office staff-- so it is important to get your numbers in.

If your group is not listed above, please indicate your group here.
Indicate here if your group meets all year, or takes several months off. If your group does take time off, please indicate specifically which months.
If your group does not drastically vary in attendance over the course of a year, please use this box to give an average number in attendance for a regular meeting. If this does not apply, simply enter N/A.
If your group fluctuates in attendance by a large amount from meeting to meeting, please use this box and enter the number EACH time your group meets throughout the year. If this does not apply, simply enter N/A.
Please indicate if your group regularly does or does not perform mission or service work when they meet.
If you indicated "YES" above, please write the number of people served by your group's mission or service work. If this does not apply, simply enter N/A.