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Upcoming Events:

Thurs., 8/17    Letter Writing Templates sent
Fri., 8/26        7:00 PM    Interfaith Prayer Vigil for Darfur and the Nuba Mountains, Sundial Bridge
Tues., 9/5      5:30 PM    Planning Meeting, Round Table Pizza, 3633 Eureka Way
Sun., 9/10    11:00 AM    Open House at FUMC   (to 1:00 PM)
Notes from 8/1 Planning Meeting:
Correspondence:  Letter from Senator Dianne Feinstein re the Elie Wiesel Genocide and Atrocities Prevention Act of 2017 (S. 1156) was read.
Updates:  Concern noted about the possible lifting of sanctions against the government of Sudan.  Statement by U.S. Department of State indicating decision would be delayed three months.  Genocide No More signed on to letter sent to President Trump asking that they not be lifted.  Various reports that atrocities in Darfur are continuing.  Dr. Tom Catena, subject of “The Heart of Nuba,” was named the 2017 Aurora Prize Laureate.
  • Gabriel Stauring wrote that Adam and his family were doing well
  • Financial:  Total of $16,045.54 was raised during 2016-17.  This included $9,l250.54 for the Nuba Mountains. Other significant donations were made to iACT ($3,388.46) for Little Ripples, Darfur United Soccer Academies, Adam, his family, and his village and to USA for UNHCR ($1,000)



  • Evaluated “Charley’s Aunt” buyout at Riverfront Playhouse
  • Evaluated 2016-17 Goals
  • Held a first reading of the 2017-18 Goals and agreed to use the same goals as in 2016-17 and agreed to focus fund raising to aid victims of the Darfur genocide via iACT and USA for UNHCR.
  • Discussed Paul Jeffrey’s Blog “Nevertheless She Persisted: and decided to contact him re a possible program in Redding.  To further consider at the next Planning Meeting.
  • Agreed to consider a showing of The Promise.  It is a 2017 film about the genocide in Armenia and would further our goal of trying to prevent future genocide by raising awareness.
  • Agreed to hold next Planning Meeting at Round Table Pizza on Eureka Way.

Our Goals for 2016-2017

1.  To raise $10,000 for Darfur.
2.  To continue to support the survivors of the genocide in Darfur.
3.  To continue to raise awareness and knowledge of the genocide in Darfur and the on-going genocide and ethnic cleansing in Sudan.
4.  To continue to use the democratic process by communicating with our elected and appointed government officials.
5.  To get more congregations, schools, and other organizations involved with our activities.
6.  to be proactive in preventing future genocides.

You can watch a recent reunion of Gabriel with Adam below.  You can hear Gabriel telling Adam that the people of Redding care about him and Adam’s reply that he was so happy to hear that.  Thanks to all of you who donated funds and have supported our activities during the past year.  Genocide No More–Save Darfur has made a small difference in what is a tragic situation.


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