Genocide No More ~ Save Darfur

Upcoming Events:

Fri., 12/29    5:00 PM    Interfaith Prayer Vigil for Darfur and the Nuba Mountains, Sundial Bridge
Tues., 1/2    5:30 PM    Planning Meeting, Fratelli’s Pizza, 1774 California St.
Thurs, 1/18                    Letter Writing Template sent
Fri., 1/26      5:00 PM    Interfaith Prayer Vigil for Darfur and the Nuba Mountains, Sundial Bridge
Thurs., 2/8    7:30 PM    Riverfront Playhouse Buyout, “The Man from Earth”
December’s Interfaith Prayer Vigil will be Friday, December 29 on the Sundial Bridge.
Notes from 12/5 Planning Meeting:
  • Updates:  Discussed at length an article by Daniel Altman, “This Is How Every Genocide Begins.”  Also talked about an article which was in Global News on December 2, “What Is Behind Sudan’s Rapprochement with Russia.”
  • Financial:  Income reported was $346 ($200 in donations and $146 from “The Promise.”)  An additional $286.20 was raised at Gifts for Good.
  • Marv spoke and showed video clips to four of John Water’s freshman Geography classes at Foothill High School.
  • Evaluated “The Promise.”  Agreed that the Armenian themed refreshments and the film were excellent but projection was poor resulting in segments of blackness on the screen.  Agreed that it was meaningful to have people impacted by the genocide present to talk after the film.
  • Decided to donate $100 to the Armenian General Benevolent Fund in honor of Sue Seropian and Linda Seropian-Miller.
  • Decided not to use Media Plus for future occasions unless it is a big event at the Cascade Theatre or something similar.
  • Evaluated Gifts for Good.  Discussed its value as an opportunity to educate people about the genocide in Sudan in addition to bringing in a small amount of money.  Noted that the attendance has decreased and suggested changing the time to 11:00 AM to 2:00 PM so that people could attend immediately after each service and not have to go home and then come back.  Marv did a comparative analysis of our income over the last eleven years.  Total earned is $3,344.  Average is $304 with a high of $428.50 in 2013 and a low of $170 in 2009.  The total this year is $286.20.
  • Tabled Discussion of the Riverfront Playhouse buyout, “Hunted in Sudan,” a Spring Concert, and a visit by Paul Jeffries.

Our Goals for 2016-2017

1.  To raise $10,000 for Darfur.
2.  To continue to support the survivors of the genocide in Darfur.
3.  To continue to raise awareness and knowledge of the genocide in Darfur and the on-going genocide and ethnic cleansing in Sudan.
4.  To continue to use the democratic process by communicating with our elected and appointed government officials.
5.  To get more congregations, schools, and other organizations involved with our activities.
6.  to be proactive in preventing future genocides.

You can watch a recent reunion of Gabriel with Adam below.  You can hear Gabriel telling Adam that the people of Redding care about him and Adam’s reply that he was so happy to hear that.  Thanks to all of you who donated funds and have supported our activities during the past year.  Genocide No More–Save Darfur has made a small difference in what is a tragic situation.


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