Genocide No More ~ Save Darfur

Upcoming Events:

  • Thurs., 3/15                              Letter Writing Template sent
  • Sat., 3/24         6:00 PM           March for Our Lives, Sundial Bridge to Mt. Shasta Mall   (to 7:30 PM)
  • Fri., 3/30          5:00 PM           Interfaith Prayer Vigil for Darfur & the Nuba Mountains, Sundial Bridge
  • Tues., 4/3         5:30 PM           Planning Meeting, Fratelli’s Pizza, 1774 California St.
  • Thurs., 4/19                              Letter Writing Template sent
  • Sat., 4/21       11:00 AM           Whole Earth & Watershed Festival, City Hall  (to 4:00 PM)
  • Fri., 4/27          5:00 PM           Interfaith Prayer Vigil for Darfur & the Nuba Mountains, Sundial Bridge
  • Sat., 5/5           5:00 PM           Redding Song Writers for Darfur:  Americana Music Concert  & Authentic Japanese Banquet, Social Hall  (to 8:00 PM)
Notes from 1/2 Planning Meeting:


•    After donations of $400 to DUSA and $1,400 to Little Ripples and Adam’s village, balance is $173.90.

•    “The Heart of Nuba” to be shown at Cinemark 14 for one week.  Date to be determined.

•    Updates were discussed.  Of particular interest was an article in the January issue of National Geographic, “The Science of Good and Evil,” in which the author discusses what makes people especially giving or cruel and cites studies which have found that the way our brains are wired can affect how much empathy we feel for others.  Genocide is considered and the stages that can cause otherwise decent people to commit murder described.  Other articles written by Eric Reeves and John Prendergast were noted.


•    Approved supporting and joining the March for Our Lives, Saturday, March 24, 6:00 to 7:30 PM. The march will begin at the north end of the Sundial Bridge with student speeches from 6:00 to 6:30 PM and then proceed to the Mt. Shasta Mall, Sears Parking Lot. REGISTER HERE

•    Approved “Redding Song Writers for Darfur” to be held Saturday, May 5 in the Social Hall.  An authentic Japanese Banquet is to be prepared by Vicki Ono and friends at 5:00 PM.  Greg Lawson is organizing music to be played from 5:30 to 8:00 PM.  Free will offering will be asked.

•    Discussed possible presentation by Egide Ntawungudi, Shasta College student and survivor of the Rwanda Genocide tentatively scheduled for Friday, June 1, 7:00 PM, in the Sanctuary.  To be cosponsored by Shasta County Citizens Advocating Respect (SCCAR).     

Our Goals:

1.  To raise $10,000 for Darfur.
2.  To continue to support the survivors of the genocide in Darfur.
3.  To continue to raise awareness and knowledge of the genocide in Darfur and the on-going genocide and ethnic cleansing in Sudan.
4.  To continue to use the democratic process by communicating with our elected and appointed government officials.
5.  To get more congregations, schools, and other organizations involved with our activities.
6.  to be proactive in preventing future genocides.

You can watch a recent reunion of Gabriel with Adam below.  You can hear Gabriel telling Adam that the people of Redding care about him and Adam’s reply that he was so happy to hear that.  Thanks to all of you who donated funds and have supported our activities during the past year.  Genocide No More–Save Darfur has made a small difference in what is a tragic situation.


 Questions? Contact Marv Steinberg

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