Singles Talking To Singles

Singles Talking to Singles is open to singles of all ages.

It provides an opportunity for singles to have fun, good conversation, and fellowship with other singles. It is purely a social activity. Activities have included barbecues, theater, movies and dining out. We extend an invitation to all singles to join us whenever you can with no obligations or fees.


This group meets the 2nd Saturday of the month for a meeting; a dinner out on the 3rd Wednesday of each month; an afternoon movie and dinner on the last Sunday of the month.
Contact Ken for more information.


Wednesday, May 17, 6:00 p.m., Mid-month Dinner Out. The mid-month dinner will be on Wed, May 17 at 6 PM…. This month we are going back to Mae Ploy, the Thai restaurant at 2600 Churn Creek… just south of Rite Aid and the Chicken Shack. The group went to this restaurant last year when I was sick and I have been having requests for a replay ever since… It was very well received… Last month I was told it has new owners… and indeed it does, a lovely little lady… they have kept the same name and added Pho to the menu…. Now I had NO idea what that meant until I talked to someone who told me it is soup with all kinds of toppings… so while writing this I thought I would Google it and put something here… BUT everything I read was lengthy so I suggest if you are interested that you look it up… It sounds interesting…and quite special….. For more information, contact Ken 255-8515,

Sunday, May 28, Early Afternoon Movie & Dinner. For those of you who have never went to the movies with us and wonder what it is about, we pick a couple of movies that start about the same time early Sunday afternoon, usually around 1:00 or 2:00 p.m., and then afterwards we go to a restaurant and enjoy each other’s company and discuss the movie and anything else we feel like talking about. So, if there is a movie you might want to see and don’t want to go alone, come and join us. The movies and time for Sunday are usually not posted by the theater until Wednesday, so I always post the movie and time as “To Be Arranged” and then e-mail everyone what we are going to see. If you don’t have easy access to e-mail you can call me after the Wednesday before the next movie. Movie & time TBA. For more information, contact Ken 255-8515,



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