Lenten Sermon Series

“The God We Can Know”

Our Lenten sermon series will be based on a book called The God We Can Know, by Pastor Rob Fuquay.  The series explores the sayings of Jesus which are sometimes called the “I Am” statements, and which are found in the Gospel of John.  Each week Pastor Joe will explore a different “I Am” statement and ask: “What can we learn about God through this statement?” and “How does this statement guide us in our spiritual understanding and living?” 

March 6th:       Ash Wednesday Service          5:30pm

March 10th:     Knowing the Great “I Am”     Exodus 3:1-14

March 17th        Knowing God’s Satisfaction   John 6:25-35

March 24th        Knowing God’s Guidance        John 8:12

March 31st         Knowing God’s Care                  John 10:1-10     

April 7th              Knowing God’s Power              John 15:1-5

April 14th         Knowing God’s Way                 John 14:1-7


 Make plans to join us Sundays in January 2019 at one of our three services: 9:30am, 11:15am, 6pm.