Our Beliefs

First Church is a progressive, local congregation of the United Methodist Church–which has more than 12 million members worldwide. We are a downtown church that has been committed to serving our community and our world for well over 100 years. Here at First Church, we celebrate God’s love through caring for each other, our community, and our world. Learning to be compassionate to all people and open to different perspectives– growing together in God’s love. Whether it’s worshiping with us on Sundays, serving our community and our world, hosting some amazing support groups, or offering engaging activities to participate in, First Church is a great place to call home. There’s so much going on here!

com1Basics of our Faith

United Methodists affirm the faith shared by all Christians, with particular emphasis on God’s grace and on Christian living.

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4Mission Statement

See the full mission statement of The United Methodist Church and learn about the nature of our mission in the world.

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earth-1-1258539-639x458Social Principals & Social Creed

These statements help guide our thinking and acting about how we live in, and are in engaged in, ministry in the world.

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a4-highway-1368417-640x480Our Faith Journey

Faith does not happen overnight. It’s a journey. From birth to death we’re growing in faith.

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question-mark-1142900-640x640Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to the most asked questions on beliefs, social issues and giving and mission opportunities.

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