Carr Fire Local Assistance Center Resources

The Local Assistance Center for those impacted by the Carr Fire is located in the old KMART Building (southeast corner of Hilltop and Cypress) and has many resources available including the following:


To replace your birth certificate, marriage license, death certificate (Shasta County Dept. of Vital Statistics).  There is no fee and completion of the form at the Assistance Center eliminates the need of Notarized signatures.

DMV has a table (and camera set-up) to replace your drivers license and title to your vehicle (pink slip, etc.).  It’s my understanding that completion of the form at the table eliminates the need for a notarized signature,

To replace your Social Security card, Social Security has a table and application form.  If you don’t complete the application at the table, you can visit the Social Security office, their office hours are:9-4 on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday; 9-12 on Wednesday.  You can also complete the form by mail but you need to send original proof of identity.

Election dept. has a table to update mailing address and passport.  Their phone # is 225-5730, web site

Veterans — To obtain a copy of the discharge papers (DD 214), rush request, and VA request for eligibility, see the Veterans Service table, or contact Devin Freeman at 225-6454.


Dept. of Insurance has a number of informational booklets for Home, Auto and Home Inventory Guide.  The booklets are also available on their web site

For help with filing an insurance claim, a non-profit, United Policyholders, has a table with tips for settling the contents portion of your claim.  Their website is


ATT will provide a cell phone and one month free service if you had ATT land-line service.  You can see them at the Assistance Center or at the ATT store, near Trader Joes.

PG&E has a table where you can cancel their service, effective the date of the fire, and give them an updated address.  Alternatively, their Customer Service # is 1-800-743-5000.

REU has a table to cancel the service, effective the date of the fire, and it’s my understanding REU will waive some fees.  Alternatively, their Customer Service # is 339-7200.

The Post Office has a table to complete a change of address and information on mail pick-up.


Shasta County Assessor has a table to file a claim for Disaster Relief Reassessment on your property taxes and a change of mailing address. 

Shasta County Dept. of Environmental Health has a table with information on clean-up and debris removal.  They also have information on the Consolidated Debris Removal as well as information on opting-out of the debris removal program.

Next to the Health table is the Shasta County Resource Management (Bldg. dept.) and information on the necessary demolition permit (phone # 225-5761), information on temporary power & RV’s (phone # 225-5787) as well as building applications and fees — web site

The Contractors Lic. Board has a table and information on contracts, contractor’s, California codes relating to disasters and tips to avoid scams.  Their web site is 


Business relief from Penalty and Interest on late filing of quarterly returns with the Dept. of Tax and Fee Administration (formerly the Board of Equalization) – (form #CDTFA-735) – see the table with the Tax and Fee agency.

Information on Disaster Recovery Assistance and Services from the Governor’s Office of Emergency Services

Several organizations and tables have cash card assistance if you have been evacuated or had a total loss.  These groups include: UMCOR; Salvation Army; United Way and Buddist.


The California Department of Tax and Fee Administration (CDTFA) will provide relief to tax and fee payers, affected by the wildfires in California. The CDTFA is dedicated to helping our fellow Californians through this difficult time.

Tax and fee payers affected by the wildfires may request the following:

• Extensions to file and pay returns.

• Request relief from penalties and/or interest.

• Request replacement copies of lost or damaged records.

Please call or visit a nearby field office or call our Customer Service Center at 1 (800) 400-7115 for more information. In addition, the CDTFA will have representatives at the CAL OES Local Assistance Centers to provide information.