Notes from Joe

Charles Lindbergh, at the close of his famous trans-Atlantic flight, was deeply moved at the sight of land.  He wrote the following as he first viewed the southern tip of Ireland from above:

“I haven’t been far enough away to know the earth before.  For twenty-five years I’ve lived on it, and yet not seen it till this moment… I’ve flown over it without realizing what wonders lay below, what crystal clarity – snow white foam on blackrock shores – curving hill above its valley – the hospitality of little houses – the welcome of waving arms.  During my entire life I’ve accepted these gifts of God… and not known what was mine until this moment.  It’s like rain after a drought; spring after a northern winter.  I’ve been to eternity and back.  I know how the dead would feel to live again.” 

Lindbergh had experienced a true revelation!  It was an experience of having his eyes opened as if for the first time!  As he finished his flight, Lindbergh understood what “thanksgiving” was all about.

Fortunately, we don’t need to fly half way around the world to experience thanksgiving. We can experience that gratitude here and now as we focus on the people and gifts that have become a part of our lives.  For me, those people and gifts are the members of our church staff, and all of you who give of yourselves in service to God.

It occurs to me that every day and every week each of you who are a part of our church family are helping others to better see the blessings of God, and that through your actions you may actually be a blessing from God for someone else.  During this season of Thanksgiving, please know that Julia and I are so grateful for all that each of you do for our church.  I pray that you, your family, or people in your life who come together to form a family around the table, will experience a wonderful time at Thanksgiving this year!  


—In Gratitude,